Real Estate

At Aurelian, we know that investing in residential real estate for buying, holding or for flipping is very difficult to finance. In order to address this financing area, Aurelian has created a unique funding program.

The Aurelian Real Estate Financing Program can provide funding that does not require 3 years of financial records or have assets to pledge as collateral. Aurelian realizes that most new investors and many seasoned investors have viable projects, but lack the historical financial requirements requested by most banking institutions.

Aurelian uses our banking relationships and leverage to be able to provide the millions of dollars in funding to real estate investors who do not have the business track record required by main stream banks.

If you qualify for our program, Aurelian will work to obtain funding for you. Up to 7 banks from our list of over 500 partner banks will identify the best funding opportunities are for you and your business. We then put together your business proforma and personally negotiate with each bank on your behalf.

Prior to entering negotiations, we provide a funding estimate with the anticipated level of funding. Knowing that our real estate investment clients will need funding for more than one property, we negotiate all of our funding to be in the form of an open line of credit, which can be used over and over again without having to reapply.

A major benefit of Aurelian’s Real Estate Financing Program is that the funding is issued prior to our clients finding a property in which to invest. In so doing our clients have capital available for attending auctions or if a cash sale opportunity presents itself. Aurelian’s objective is to provide the most flexible financing possible for our real estate investors.