Church Real-Estate


Church Real-Estate Financing

Just like any institution, churches require the establishment of their places of worship as well as other structures necessary for their continued function. These require substantial funding, something that banks have become cautious to hand out.

Aurelian Lending believes churches are an integral part of communities. That’s why we are proud to support churches with the funding they need. Because we have well over $500 million in capital and capital commitments and access to practically unlimited funding, we’re in the unique position to handle any size transaction, rivaling the abilities of the largest lending institutions in the world. However, we do so without the red tape and limitations imposed by traditional banks or typical commercial mortgage brokers.

Church Real Estate Financing is a Specialized Loan

Church real estate financing differs greatly from regular funding requirements in that the former isn’t taken for a for-profit venture. It is this very same reason that makes traditional lending institutions concerned about extending resources to religious organizations. Aurelian Lending understands that while church real estate projects may not offer the same level of profitability, they are important none the less.

We Offer Loan Packages Suitable for Your Organization’s Needs

Banks don’t specialize in financing churches, but we do. Not only can we assist your organization in obtaining the resources you need, but we can help you identifying the most suitable properties and locations too. We have access to virtually endless financial and technical resources as well. You can count on us to provide you with the adequate financing requirements while working with your organization through all the developmental stages of the project.

We Take Time to Know Our Clients

Traditional lenders impose harsh rates regardless of the borrower’s financial profile. We don’t structure our funding packages this way. We take time to carefully assess our clients’ backgrounds so we can provide them with terms that are most suitable to their monetary capability. We can work out a long-term financing package, for instance. This way, your organization won’t need to make do with unfavorable loan servicing arrangements.

Most Competitive Terms

You can count on us to assess loan-to-value amounts fairly. With adequate funding, you won’t have to hold off church renovations, for instance, and you’ll be able to ensure the project gets completed and without unnecessary delays.