Venture Capital


Venture Capital Financing

As a commercial capital lending firm, we present a wide array of financing options. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and therefore have varying capital requirements. Among other factors, such needs would depend on which part of operations is being expanded or what stage of development the business is in. If you have a unique idea for a product that you believe can take the industry by storm, then consider a partnership with us. We can provide you with the venture capital financing to turn your idea into reality.

Beginning to Early Stages

Our team is composed of entrepreneurs and professionals that have garnered more than 30 years of experience owning and operating businesses from various sectors. We aren’t just a commercial capital lending firm that comes up with the money. You can count on us to support you with the technical and other non-financial resources you need to start up your company and get it going.

From feasibility studies to market research, you can count on our support in every step of this early phase. As you may know the beginning is the most critical part. This is where we work together to determine the future of your venture and hopefully start laying down its foundation.

Growth to Pre-public Stages

This is the part where your final product is sold, you look for ways to expand market share, and maybe even make a follow up product. At the pre-public phase, merger and acquisition opportunities might present themselves. As your partner commercial capital lending firm, we’ll be there to guide and back you up through all these intersections.

New capital requirements are going to emerge at these stages. Fortunately we are a commercial capital lending firm that has a private funding of over $500 million in capital and capital commitments and access to virtually unlimited funds for commercial financing. Whether its recapitalization or leveraged buyouts, we have the capability to financially support your venture’s development.

A typical commercial capital lending firm doesn’t often enter into high risk equity investments such as venture capital financing. But if your start-up has enormous potential, we won’t hesitate to stand by your side.