Unsecured Business

Lines of Credit

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Aurelian Lending can infuse quick and substantial cash flow to your company, no matter its size or needs. With our funding, you will be able to ensure continued sustainable operations or implement long due improvements to keep your business on track for continued future growth.

Diversified Options

Every enterprise has unique funding needs. That’s the reason we’ve designed varied unsecured business funding packages for both start-ups and small businesses. Available options include a variety of unsecured working capital loans and lines of credit.

How Can an Unsecured Business Line of Credit Help Your Company?

An unsecured business line of credit can be used for ANY PURPOSE:

  • Expansion
  • Paying bills
  • Working capital
  • Paying taxes
  • Purchasing real estate
  • Investing
  • Leasing equipment
  • Advertising

Funding Available for All Industries

The Aurelian Lending team is comprised of seasoned business professionals who have built and operated successful multi-national corporations that span across industries. We can extend unsecured business lines of credit to start-ups and cottage industries as well.

Highly Qualified Financial Consultants at Your Service

You can also take advantage of our top-grade consultancy services. Our seasoned team of business professionals will keep you abreast of the most effective solutions as well as providing advice gained in over 30 years of business development to help you make your business an even more successful one.

Other Reasons to Choose Aurelian Lending for Unsecured Business Working Capital

Other benefits of choosing us as your source for unsecured working capital loans or lines of credit include:

  • No collateral requirement
  • No income verification
  • Fast approval time
  • No interest for 6 to 18 months
  • No restrictions on use
  • No upfront fees
  • No reporting to the personal credit bureaus
  • Fast approval within 24 hours
  • Funding in as little as 14 days

Easy Three-Step Application Process

Our easy three-step application process includes:

  • Filling out the simple prequalification form
  • Consultation for up to $150,000 of unsecured business credit
  • Receiving your unsecured business line of credit within 14 business days!

The Aurelian unsecured line of credit program is the #1 program to provide capital to any business. There is NO Tax return requirement, NO Collateral Requirement, NO business financial record requirement. The only requirement is for you or your credit partner to have strong personal credit. To qualify for up to $150,000 in as little as 14 days and additional lines of credit in 30-60 days, you need or your credit partner needs:

  • FICO score of 720 or better
  • No bankruptcies or foreclosures
  • No late payments for 2 years
  • 8 – 10 year minimum credit history - The ideal history: 3 - 4 terms loans (car loans and mortgages), and 3 – 4 credit cards with 10K + limits
  • 20% or less usage of credit card limits
  • 4 year or older company

Funding Details for Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Once approved for an unsecured business working capital line of credit from Aurelian Capital Management, you can expect:

  • Up to $150,000 in a small business line of credit in as little as 14 days and addition lines in 30-60 days
  • Interest rates as low as 8.99%
  • 0% interest financing during the first 6 to 18 months
  • No credit reporting required- our unsecured business lines of credit will not report to the Personal Credit Bureaus

For more information on an unsecured small business loan for your startup, contact an Aurelian Capital Management consultant today, or to get started now, apply online for unsecured business capital by filling out our prequalification form.