Stock Loans

Although stock portfolios can be an important source of long-term income, stocks do not provide liquidity. Partner with us, and we will assist you in generating quick and substantial cash flow through our stock loans in Michigan and around the world.

How It Works

Perhaps the best advantage of stock loans, next to the considerable funding it can extend, is that you’ll maintain full access to your portfolio once principal and interests are settled. This means all the benefits of appreciation are yours to keep, as well as contractual ownership, voting rights, and tax advantages.

Competitive Loan-to-Value Amount

Work with us and you’ll be partnering with one of the most well capitalized commercial lending institutions, with access to virtually unlimited resources. With our funding capabilities, we rival those of the largest lending institutions in the world. But unlike the typical lending institution, we have a powerhouse of seasoned business professionals who will work to ensure you get the most attractive loan-to-value amount as well.

Access to Top-Notch Advisory Services

We aren’t your typical stock loan consultants in Michigan and around the world. Our organization is comprised of accomplished business professionals and industry experts who work with companies, just like yours, access the best funding options for continued long-term success around the world. Partner with us, and you’ll have our expertise at your disposal.

Selling your portfolio is not the only way to obtain funds. Contact our stock loan consultants in Michigan and around the world and find out all the available options for you.