Medical Loans

A medical or dental practice is just like any other business. It also has to deal with cash flow problems and find ways to come up with working capital to sustain or expand its operations. Fortunately, we offer various types of business loans as well as specific programs, such as medical equipment lending and medical equipment leasing, to professional healthcare providers. We can help you navigate through the complexities of financing as your medical lending and financing advisor.

Medical equipment lending

Adding new equipment or upgrading the existing medical equipment is often part of a practice’s expansion plans. This would naturally require a large amount of resources, which may not be easily available from reserves. We can provide you with a medical equipment lending plan that has flexible payment options. We can even arrange both loan and lease programs, depending on how you want to enhance your facilities.

Acquiring Another Practice

Some practices merge with or acquire others in order to balance their portfolio and expand their services. If you plan to move in this direction, one of the more complicated aspects you’ll have to deal with is the funding. There are different ways to structure the layers of capital needed for this endeavor. As your medical lending and financing advisor, we are more than willing to work with you throughout the process, structure the most favorable lending program for our clients, fund the acquisition and achieve a win-win transaction.

Consolidating your Debts

Lines of credit, business loans, and leases are all financing options that can be advantageous. However, effectively managing all of them is a different issue. As you may know, revolving debt can be too easily misused and this can result in financial trouble for your practice.

One solution we can offer as a medical lending and financing advisor is debt consolidation. We can refinance all your debts and put them together into one convenient monthly payment plan. You can be certain that approval and processing won’t take as long as those in typical banking institutions.

Our role as a medical lending and financing advisor is to fully comprehend your operations and capital needs. Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, veterinarian or optician, we have both the funding capability and expertise to support your efforts to drive your practice’s business growth.