Large Project


Large Project Financing

As a Michigan based specialty financing lending institution, we understand how challenging it can be to successfully bid on big budget projects. National, International and Michigan project financing lenders can provide much needed capital in this regard. But not all of them have our capability to fully see a project through, particularly the substantial ones that span for years.

While there are always traditional channels, such as banks, to borrow from, their application processes as well as maximum loan amounts are often too restrictive. When you let us assist you with your project financing in Michigan and around the world, you enjoy key advantages for your business:

  • Backing of up to 100% of Project Costs
  • 30 years of professional expertise
  • Project financing package specific to your business needs
  • No Repayments required until project successfully begins

Backing Of Up To 100% Of The Project Cost

A business first bids and demonstrates its financial capacity by way of putting up guarantees in the form of millions of dollars. We can help you get through this critical initial step with our private source of funds designated for commercial lending. With the support of our specialty financing programs in Michigan and around the world, large projects are now a very feasible undertaking for your business.

Professional Expertise At Your Disposal

Partner with us and you’ll not only get the most favorable project financing deals in Michigan and around the world, but you’ll have access to our diverse expertise as well. We don’t just provide the funds. We’re a team of industry experts who have accumulated more than 30 years of experience owning and operating million-dollar enterprises. We know what it takes for big for-profit undertakings to succeed.

Repayments Commence Only Once Project Is Successfully Underway

We’ve long been extending specialty financing services so we understand the peaks and troughs that large projects sometimes encounter. It is for this reason that we’ve structured repayments so they start only once a project begins. Our objective is to have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ current and future capital requirements. We don’t just come in at the early stage; we are fully capable of working with you until completion.

Our project financing packages can be tailored to match your business’ particular financial needs as well as the targeted project’s specific requirements. As your financial partner we aim to structure the best project financing program for your development projects.