Joint Venture Capital

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Joint Venture Capital

With Aurelian’s vast resources for joint venture capital lending and extensive experience in building successful multimillion dollar international companies, you get the support you need to create successful partnerships with other companies. When Aurelian is your venture capital loans advisor, you have access to the in-depth knowledge of seasoned business professionals who have owned and operated successful multi-national companies that span across industries.

Joint Venture Capital Lending For Strategic Alliances

There are many reasons why businesses would go into a joint venture. A start-up, for example, with a new powerfully innovative product may want to form an alliance with a more established company that has greater reach and wide distribution channels. In this instance, the former gains access to the market faster while the latter receives a new product that would have required long and costly research and development otherwise.

Joint venture capital lending helps businesses successfully form partnership by providing the necessary funding. With Aurelian Lending, you get the flexibility you need to structure your loan in the most advantageous way for your company. The capital structure of a joint venture can vary depending on the purpose of the strategic alliance and the nature of each entity comprising the partnership. More often than not, the mediation and specialized services of a venture capital loans advisor is necessary not just for finding adequate sources of funding, but also for setting up the most suitable financing that would fit the joint venture’s particular capital requirements.

Considerations For Joint Venture Capital Lending

Whether it’s for commercial or real estate joint venture capital, Michigan businesses and those around the world need to present certain qualities to prospective partners and investors. The success of a strategic alliance would often depend upon a highly skilled management team, considerable growth potential, huge earning capacity, the ability to add value, and a well-defined exit strategy. Joint ventures are only as strong as the businesses that make up the partnership.

Through our financing services, we can help you create a powerful business partnership so your company can achieve unprecedented growth. With over $500 million in capital and capital commitments in private funding and virtually limitless access to capital, Aurelian's corporate loan advisors are in the unique position to provide joint venture capital lending for your project, regardless of how large the scope and requirements.