Import Export Financing

Aurelian Partners

Import Export Financing & Letters of Credit

Aurelian import export financing services are designed for businesses whose operations extend across national borders. Whether your company’s local activities rely heavily on imported goods, or you produce domestically but have markets in other countries, our import export financing will cover your capital requirements.

How Import Export Financing Works

When your supplier is based out of the county, you’re likely to be limited by a cash-in-advance arrangement or required to make payment through a letter of credit. With Aurelian on your team, you’re able to purchase from your foreign suppliers when open account payment terms are not possible. Our import export financing helps you establish a stable cash flow by quickly and reliably providing the necessary funding that will keep the supplies coming and your inventory well stocked.

Export Financing

Import export financing can also help you ship goods and deliver products to foreign markets. While funding an import trade has similar mechanisms to inventory financing, the export side has characteristics that are closer to accounts receivable financing. With Aurelian, you not only get competitive rates and flexible terms, but our services can also include setting up revolving lines of credit and receivables management.

Letters Of Credit

Aurelian will issue a Letter of Credit (L/C) that will serve as a payment guarantee to your vendor. While L/Cs issued by the traditional avenues require cash security, Aurelian will give you the option for the accrual of security over a period of time. This way you can avoid the initial burden of pre-payment and preserve your working capital. When it comes to Letters of Credit, companies in Michigan and around the world rely on Aurelian Lending because our L/Cs are honored across the globe.

With over $500 million in capital and capital commitments and nearly unlimited funding for commercial lending, Aurelian is in the unique position to ensure a smooth flow of materials and finished products for your business. Now you can take full advantage of global opportunities to expand your trading through our import export financing services.