Heavy Equipment Loans & Leases

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Heavy Equipment Loans

With Aurelian heavy equipment loans and leases, you get the working capital you need to expand your business. Whether your company is just starting out or you are well-established and projecting growth, Aurelian has flexible and fast heavy equipment loans and leases that can be structured for your unique business.

More than just a funding resource, we command a team of highly experienced business professionals who have built and operated successful multi-national companies. With Aurelian on your side, you get the funding you need and the in-depth industry knowledge only we can provide.

Heavy Equipment Loans

Aurelian Lending has private funding well over $500 million in capital and capital commitments and practically limitless access to capital. Our vast resources rival the largest lending institutions in the world. This gives us the unique ability to fund transactions of any size, including heavy equipment loans.

Companies across the nation choose Aurelian for our competitive rates, flexible terms, and customizable payment structures. With little or no down payment required, you get the funding you need to move your business forward. Plus, we offer expedited loan servicing you cannot find through traditional lending institutions. Applications for heavy equipment loans can be approved in less than a day for small applications and under a week for larger loans.

Heavy Equipment Leasing

With our heavy equipment leasing program, you can keep your cash reserves intact and usable for other purposes, while preserving your existing lines of credit. While bank loans typically have variable rates, our lease payments are fixed and remain untouched by market activity. Leasing also gives you the ability to stay ahead of the rapid pace of changing technology. And because leases fall under the category of pre-tax business expenses, you enjoy tax advantages.

We specialize in both heavy equipment loans and leases. Between these two general methods, we can provide you with a variety of more specific options. A sales and lease back, for example, is an arrangement where you can sell existing equipment to us and we’ll lease it back to you, thereby enabling you to gain leasing advantages, as well as an infusion of additional capital. Having extensive experience as heavy equipment loans consultants for various industries, including commercial construction and engineering, we will work with you to identify the most suitable heavy equipment financing for your company.