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Commercial Equity Financing

There are generally two ways a business can come up with capital, either through equity or debt. When it comes to equity, you have more options than relying on personal assets alone. When you partner with us, a leader of equity financing companies in Michigan, domestically and internationally, you’re working with a company that has private funding over $500 million in capital and capital commitments and access to practically unlimited capital for commercial lending.

If you need funding for what you believe to be a potentially strong venture, consider the commercial equity financing we can provide for your company. Our commercial equity financing has been used for a variety of investments, spanning across all industries. From management buyouts and corporate divestitures to leverage buyouts and growth capital … we’ve got the commercial equity financing options your business needs to achieve its next phase of growth.

Basic Difference Between Equity and Debt

Equity financing involves selling common or preferred stocks in exchange for an infusion of capital. This may then be utilized to start or drive the growth of the business venture.

Debt financing, on the other hand, means acquiring the capital through loans. The money has to be paid back with interest and within a certain time frame.

Benefits Of Commercial Equity Financing

This type of financing is often suitable for a company that is at its earliest stage of development. The start up funding and first stages are critical phases of a business. The entrepreneur and other investors providing the commercial equity financing know this and move forward based on predicted future success. Loans, however, need to be paid whether the business is already earning a profit or not.

Even through the other stages up until before the business goes public, commercial equity financing can still play a vital role. From new product development to leverage buyouts, all such developmental activities will require recapitalization.

As your partner, we bring in both financial and non-financial resources. Our team is composed of professionals who have owned and operated large enterprises for more than 30 years. This unmatched experience and technical expertise can significantly support the success of your venture.