Corporate Financing

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Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Financing

Mergers and acquisitions are a strategic method of creating shareholder value as well as cost-efficiencies within two or more business entities. Given the delicate transition the involved enterprises will go through during such a phase, it’s then essential the right expertise and sufficient financial resources are present. This is what we, a long-established Michigan based corporate financing institution, are more than capable of delivering to companies around the world.

There are many aspects of Corporate Financing Including:

  • Account Receivables Financing
  • Renewable Lines of Credit
  • Sales Leasebacks, Equipment, and Inventory Financing

Account Receivables Financing – Access to liquid funds is crucial during a merger-acquisition. We can assist in infusing much-needed cash flow by financing existing invoices at highly competitive rates.

Renewable Lines of Credit – As a corporate loan advisor Michigan based institution, we can structure the financing program so that favorable payment schedules and methods can be advanced around the world. We can extend revolving lines of credit as well to ensure efficient operations during this sensitive transition.

Sale Leasebacks, Equipment, and Inventory Financing – Leveraging assets by putting available machinery or real estate properties into a financing program is something we, as a leading corporate financing Michigan and national institution, can readily assist you with. Even on hand inventory can be used to inject the needed funds for such a period of change.

Succession Planning

Ascertaining the new leadership after a merger-acquisition can be very delicate. Since we don’t only extend commercial lending solutions, but also fulfill the role of corporate loan advisor, we can help in setting up short and long-term strategic planning to help the realization of your business’ guaranteed growth.

Restructuring Expertise

We’re a team of long-established business professionals who have developed extensive experience in putting up and running highly successful for-profit endeavors. Our corporate loan advisor services are at your disposal to help you come up with strategic solutions that will benefit all parties involved, not just the stakeholders and investors.

Every merger-acquisition will be unique. Partner with us and we’ll assist not just in your corporate financing needs, but also in developing tailor-fit solutions that will be efficient for your particular merger-acquisition case.