Contract Financing

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Contract Financing

Entering into a contract that’s bigger than those you’ve previously completed is one of several ways to ignite your company’s growth. Will you have enough free working capital to accomplish the contract along with other obligations? Let us help you answer that question through the contract financing services that we can offer you. With $500 million in private funding and access to virtually unlimited capital for commercial lending, we can support you in any large contract you decide to take on.

What Is Contract Financing?

This type of financing monetizes a contract you’ve already started or even one you’re still negotiating in order to receive an immediate lump sum infusion. This readily available cash can then be utilized to fund the different critical activities necessary to complete the contract. In a scenario involving multiple contracts, you could actually monetize one to come up with the resources to accomplish another. This financing method is usually well suited for investment grade (or near investment grade) deals that have an equipment component.

Since every contract naturally has its own parameters, we will be working closely with you until the end of the process. This ensures we arrive at financing terms that are customized to perfectly answer your capital requirements.

Contract Financing Advantages

This is one of the quickest ways to acquire working capital without resorting to equity lending or more typical loan options. Approval is usually based on your contracts and your customers’ creditworthiness. Contract financing can thus be less costly and faster than other methods.

The contract financing program we can develop will not restrict the use of the funds. You can assign it to whichever aspect of the operation it is most needed, from supplier to marketing expenses. Also unlike most typical lending programs, the time frame and volume amount can be structured to fit your particular circumstances.

Small and medium enterprises don’t always have the means to use the financial services provided by traditional institutions. With the financial and technical resources we are able to provide through our capital lending firm, such obstacles to your business’ growth no longer have to be a factor.