Commercial Lending

When you partner with Aurelian Commercial Lending (ACL), you have access to a wide array of commercial financing solutions. With funding capabilities that rival even the largest lending institutions, combined with a team of seasoned business professionals and commercial advisors, Aurelian is in the unique position to fund any size transaction with creative solutions designed to be most advantageous to your project. We will work with you, from project start to completion, to ensure the loan process goes smoothly and fully meets your company’s needs in the most beneficial way possible for you.

Solutions Tailored to your Unique Needs

We understand every working capital demand comes with its own unique conditions. Our funding experience spans across businesses. We’ve assisted retailers with merchant cash advance financing and owner occupied financing programs to attract more customers. We provide medical clinics with medical equipment loans. Manufacturing companies turn to us for access mobilization funding and heavy equipment loans. Non-profit organizations working on rural development projects have benefitted from our B&I guaranteed loans. The variety of specific commercial financing solutions we provide is aimed at addressing our clients’ particular needs. We do this by fully understanding their project and tailoring our solutions to fit.

Flexible, Reliable and Efficient Funding

More often than not, the commercial lending in Michigan and around the world that’s provided by traditional banks follows strict and impeding guidelines. This can lead to a tedious loan application process that may take weeks or even months for sizable amounts. The frequent end result is that some businesses may have to make do with less favorable arrangements or are completely left without options. Aurelian’s commercial financing solutions bridge this gap through flexibility, reliability and efficiency. Our loan specialists work closely with clients to ensure a streamlined financing process that provides funding and equity financing quickly.

Funding for Any Size Transaction

We are the Michigan commercial lending firm with private funding in excess of $500 million in capital and capital commitments coupled with an established partnership network that provides access to additional lending resources around the world. With this combination of internal and external capital, Aurelian can go beyond the services of the typical Michigan or world-wide commercial lending firm. We are an international commercial capital management and lending institution that can fund any size project or transaction.


Providing the best commercial financing solutions is not simply about having adequate funding. Expertise is just as crucial for successfully accomplishing an expansion of operations or completing a development project. Aurelian’s management team has over 30 years of experience in building and operating multi-national businesses that span industries. While a typical Michigan and world-wide commercial lending firm may satisfactorily infuse necessary funding, our services don’t end there.

Aurelian’s commercial financing solutions will meet your capital requirements by providing both monetary and technical resources. We strive to fully understand the particular demands and objectives of your business in order to design the most appropriate financing method and customized plans for loan structuring.

Our goal is to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with your company by offering the means to fuel your business growth.Our goal is to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with your company by offering the means to fuel your business growth.