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Need funding to develop your business idea or to take your business to the next level? Want to run your own business but don't have the capital or the expertise to get it going? Become a member of Aurelian Partners and increase your odds of success. Aurelian Partners is the brainchild of the prominent businessman, philanthropist and leading business mentor, John Syron. John's goal is to help all Americans who have the desire to start a business, stay in business, and profit because profitable companies provide jobs and opportunities and a win-win for all. John Syron and his hand-picked team have a fierce love for this country and want to be a part of the solution by providing the method and means for all Americans to succeed.

  • Unsecured Venture Capital for all types of businesses up to 500K
  • Secured Real Estate Financing and Project Funding up to 1 billion
  • Entrepreneurial Training and Business Services

Business Lending - Real Estate Lending

Our Services

Business Capital

Aurelian has resources to fund well over $500 million for lending to the small, middle and large market business community.

Real Estate Capital

Aurelian has resources to fund well over $500 million for lending to the real estate markets.


Looking for some start up capital. Aurelian can provide you the funds you need to take your business idea to the next level.

Business Growth Development

Aurelian has both the funds and technical resources to set up effective financing plans that will drive your business growth.

Aurelian Academy

We provide the education and training to help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

Full Service Suite

Our team of leading industry professionals is ready to provide you with the services you need to succeed.

Funding Options

Fix and Flip loans. Buy and hold. $100,000 to 3.5 Million.

Typical banking institutions implement conventional guidelines that can be too restrictive for some businesses. Through financing solutions such as this, we are able to give enterprises that have limited access to regular lending channels more options to meet their capital demands.

This is just one of several commercial real estate financing services that Aurelian can provide. We have the experience and funding to handle the full range of investment, from residential, to mixed-use, to high rise office buildings.

Most innovations come from start-ups that were able to hurdle the challenges of a venture's early stages. Aurelian can provide the necessary funding and expertise to turn your business plans into lucrative enterprises.


From start to finish you can count on Aurelian Partners to supply the funding, training, and expertise to assist in getting what you want.

With over 25 years in the industry, we have paved away for small startups to get the funding needed to compete in the open market.


Every project starts with a plan. A plan from start to finish can help guide your financial needs and help with the specific stages of your business.

Aurelian Partners will guide you through the planning process to help you understand your needs and meet your goals.


We want nothing more than for you to succeed in all aspects of your business.

Our CEO, John Syron, started Aurelian Partners with a mission to help companies succeed. At a time when Detroit was going through some of its toughest times, John sought funding but was unsuccessful. His frustration led to the creation of a company many years later that would provide funding where it was needed, and more.

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John Syron


Chanti Niven

Communications Director

David Lofy

Technology Director

Julia Butler

Sales Director

Success Stories

Funding Tables

Business Development Tools

  1. Business Training
  2. Business Marketing
  3. Coaching
  4. Market Research Tools
  5. Website Development
  6. Public Relations
  7. Branding
  8. Legal Services
  9. Mentoring
  10. Business Development

Unsecured Business Funding

  1. Unsecured, no collateral
  2. Business Credit Cards
  3. Business Credit Lines
  4. Business Loans
  5. Flexible Repayment Terms
  6. No Prepayment Penalties
  7. 5 to 7 year repayment terms
  8. No time in business required
  9. 0% up to 36 months on credit
  10. Up to $500,000 Capital

Real Estate Funding

  1. Single Family, Multifamily, Commercial
  2. Large Developments, High Rise Condos
  3. Lending in all 50 states
  4. Up to 2-year interest-only Bridge Loans
  5. Up to 25-year Permanent Loans
  6. Small Residential $100,000 to $5 Million
  7. Large Project Development to $500 Million
  8. Up to 90% loan to acquisition
  9. Up to 100% rehab cost
  10. Private Funds


8345 views 2018-03-05 / 15:23:45


Please let me begin by admitting that I was a bit skeptical in general about the actual possibility of obtaining money through a non-traditional lending process to pursue my dream. Anytime someone takes a leap of faith there is a possibility of actually falling. However, They held my hand through the entire process.

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13286 views 2016-06-12 / 09:15:56


We started two new businesses and needed access to cash, something our local bank was unable, and unwilling, to assist us with. We used Aurelian's services to gain access to substantial cash flow, and they did it at lightening speed! The process was seamless and was made so easy with Aurelian's attention to detail and flawless coaching.

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14121 views 2016-12-03 / 13:43:26


I am writing this letter to express our profound gratitude to you and your team of exceptional financial professionals for obtaining funds for our new business. Never in my life have I encountered such depth of skills, intelligence and caring as I have with Aurelian. They are brilliant, dedicated, coupled with kindness, empathy and fabulous sense of humor, they are fantastic!!!

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